Here’s what separates us from the herd!

The primary objective of Maester Protocol is to bring all professionals and consultancy seekers on the same platform to offer a seamless digital consultation experience using blockchain technology.

In our previous article, we have discussed how we have leveraged the blockchain technology to revolutionize the on-demand digital consultation industry. In this article, we wish to communicate with you about how Maester Protocol’s blockchain powered solution is the most unique and feasible one, which makes it stand apart from other players in this industry.

Let’s take a quick look at the main differentiators that make Maester Protocol unique thus making it an end to end solution to your digital consultancy woes & more effective than other solutions available in the market.

  • Coins used for transactions: Maester coin, the token used in the Maester Protocol platform for transactions between the user and the professional is an Ethereum based ERC223 native token. Using the blockchain based Maester coin token ensures instant and dispute free transactions. While on other platforms payments have to be made in advance with no surety of the quality of consultant thus putting the consultancy seeker at risk of losing his payment.
  • Micro-credit: Maester Protocol also enables its users to borrow Maester coins from fellow users on the platform, in case of insufficient wallet balance. Hence, an insufficient balance will no longer act as a hindrance to making urgent calls. This will also enable Maester coin lenders to earn interest on their lending. This is analogous to the post-paid model in the telecom industry and is not offered by any other solution provider in the consulting space.
  • AI-based search and recommendations: Maester Protocol’s AI-based search and recommendations ensures the users see the right Maesters for resolving all their queries. It empowers users to search for professionals not only by name, profession, specialization but also by simply entering specific questions. The search engine lists down the most relevant results based on the user’s search, thus connecting them to appropriate consultants. This ensures that users get the fastest resolution for their queries at minimum cost.
  • PRM & PRM Score: Professionals can boost their professional reputation by posting content on the Maester protocol platform to establish thought leadership. We create a PRM (professional Reputation management) score based on our proprietary algorithms. Hence for new professionals without any ratings, Maester Protocol assigns them PRM scores based on the consumption of their content. This adds to their credibility and enables them to list higher on relevant searches.
  • Try & Buy: The first minute of all calls between users and professionals is free in order for the users to easily evaluate if the Maester is relevant to their query. This allows them to not lose money by talking to Maesters who don’t have the relevant expertise. At the same time, to avoid any potential misuse of the free calls on the platform the time limit is set to only one minute. This is the “Try & Buy” model which is very popular in ecommerce today but is missing from all other consultancy solutions available in the market. Maester can block miscreant callers who he or she doesn’t want to entertain; this is especially useful for celebrities and webcam models.

These factors make Maester Protocol’s blockchain based on-demand consultancy solution one of its kind, and tailor-made to disrupt the humongous consultancy industry.

In our next article, we shall discuss what are Maester coins and how these circulate over the Maester Protocol platform to enable a seamless transaction procedure between users and professionals.