How On-Demand Consulting Can Revolutionize Social Structure!

On-Demand Economy

Did you know that over 162 million people in the United States and Europe offer independent work or services? Though traditional jobs have been the norm, progressively larger numbers of young working professionals are veering towards independent work. This upsurge in self-businessman calls for a massivere-structuring in businesses and govt. Also in the way we seek out and make use of freelance or on-demand consultants.

Digital Marketplaces: The Need of the Hour

Sensing the need to accommodate newer norms for working, digital platforms that offer large scale market places where independent freelancers can offer their services for fees are the future. Maester Protocol is a platform that makes this possible. By connecting knowledge seekers with subject matter experts and on-demand consultants from across the globe, Maester Protocol creates a digital environment where such transactions can not only survive, but also thrive.

Tackling the Potential Issues of Freelancing

The lack of income assurance can often lead to hesitation and doubt in the minds of potential independent consultants. With traditional jobs, there lies a sense of security regarding one’s earnings. However, there also lies high numbers of unemployment (or limited employment opportunities). Digital marketplaces that function keeping in mind an on-demand economy can eliminate both these concerns. For starters, platforms like Maester Protocol are open to anyone who wants to provide consulting services. Consumers in contact with these service providers can rate them on their expertise, which ensures that even though the opportunity to work independently is available to all, the overall consumer benefit of gaining expert knowledge is not diluted by the sheer number of consultants available (who may range in their expertise).

Moreover, with automatic digital transactions made the second a consulting session ends, independent workers do not have to fear clients reneging on their promises of payment. Ultimately, digital market places can revolutionize traditional workforces and the way economies currently function.

Revolutionizing the World

Of course, with a large scale shift into freelancing, government agencies are also subject to a certain amount of revolutionizing. For instance, offering financial protection and benefits to citizens such as PF, Social Security, and so on will have to shift from being linked to traditional employments to other means. Digital economies mean greater control in the hands of the citizens. As opposed to government officials.  This can help revolutionize current social structures and the way we function as human beings.

In fact, on-demand economies are already disrupting various social norms and consumer behaviors. On-demand economy in US is growing at 57% per year with champions like Uber, Ebay, Netflix, Taskrabbit, Instacart etc leading their respective categories. These organizations have addressed most consumer needs, and built the expectation of on-demand services as well.  In fact, participation in on-demand economy has increased by two-thirds (66%) since 2016.  The awareness of on-demand services nearly doubled at the same time. As a result, a majority of consumers now expect on-demand services wherever possible.  Keeping this in mind, it is only natural that intangible needs such as knowledge and opportunities to up-skill start being addressed through this model as well.

This is where on-demand consulting comes in.

On-Demand Consulting: How Does It Work on Maester Protocol?

Maester Protocol connects you with expert consultants all over the world. Based on your requirements, a simple search for specific services can show you a list of highly rated consultants who charge by the minute. All you need to do is connect with them over a call and gain all the knowledge you need. Once the call is over, Maester Protocol deducts Maester Coins (an etherium based cryptocurrency) from your wallet and transfers it to the wallet of the consultant. It is that simple!

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