How will blockchain impact professional consulting industry?

The professional consulting industry is a major contributor to the global service sector. While a need-gap analysis of the consulting industry clearly showcases its potential, it is one industry that is waiting to be disrupted by the on-demand economy which has already reach a $75 Bn mark in the US alone as of 2017.

on demand economy chart for US 2017

The consulting industry is usually looked at in a very limited manner. It is not just large corporations who need consultants for their various operations, but also smaller organizations as well as individuals; a startup may need a consultant to help them define their pitch and present it before investors; an individual consumer may want to consult with a psychologist for a medical condition; a student might need help from a professor for her synopsis. All of these requirements are a form of consulting. Maester Protocol envisions a future where information seekers and professionals across all industries are connected on a single platform, and customers have on-demand access to the right professionals for the required information. Industry professionals, on the other hand, get paid automatically for sharing their time and knowledge with information seekers.

With this vision, Maester Protocol is developing a Blockchain-powered platform where professional consulting joins hand with the on-demand economy thus giving birth to the on-demand consulting industry. Maester Protocol expects to quickly capture a large share of the consulting market, which is currently held by half baked digital modes of consulting. Further, it can fuel the growth of the market itself due to the hassle free experience and flexibility it provides to its users.

More about how Maester Protocol works coming soon!