How will the digital consulting industry change with Maester Protocol?

In our last post,we discussed how the processes of digital consulting are broken, tedious, costly and time-consuming because of the lack of a platform which supports the process end-to-end i.e.from search to calling
to paying to customer feedback.

Maester Protocol has identified the broken process flow which has been obstructing the growth of the digital consulting industry, and developed a blueprint for a Blockchain-based solution for them. Maester Protocol’s solution brings the best of the on-demand economy to professional consulting, and leverages the unique features of Blockchain to make its ecosystem transparent, secure and economic.

The Maester Protocol will allow information seekers to conveniently search for professionals, connect with them over an audio or video call, automatically pay them for their services, and later rate their experience using the same app. On the other hand, professionals will be able to connect with customers without even sharing their contact details and they will be assured of payments for the time and knowledge they share with information seekers. The two parties will not have to waste time hopping from app to app for each step of the process. And since payments will happen in Maester Protocol’s universal native token on the Ethereum blockchain, they will be faster, more secure, and considerably less expensive than traditional methods.

Thus, Maester Protocol translates into many efficiency gains for information seekers and professionals, because of which, people will start shifting to Maester Protocol’s model of on-demand digital consulting over traditional consulting. We anticipate that Maester Protocol will disrupt the professional consulting industry and drive it towards unprecedented growth. With Maester Protocol, the consulting industry can be expected to get into hockey stick growth mode in the next five years!

We know the curiosity is killing you now… we will share more about our protocol in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned!