Introducing Maester Protocol: Blockchain based Protocol for On-Demand Consulting

The global consulting industry is valuated at $250 Billion, and it is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.1% annually, with digital consulting contributing significantly to this growth rate. The global on-demand economy, which has been disrupting services like ride-hailing and food delivery, has not made its way to the consulting industry yet. Imagine, what would be the impact of an ecosystem where information seekers will be able to have on-demand access to professionals from all fields. How the dynamics of economies would change when professionals will be able to utilise their time to virtually help people spread across the globe and get paid for it?

The tremendous potential of this idea is being explored by a team of visionary entrepreneurs, who are developing a unique blockchain-powered ecosystem, which enables everyone to access accurate information on-demand. Maester Protocol’s mission is to bring the world together by establishing a seamless knowledge sharing mechanism, through the power of blockchain technology, which enables people to get precise information on a vast range of subjects from relevant subject matter professionals.

Maester Protocol is poised to disrupt the professional consulting industry by introducing the consulting industry to the on-demand ecosystem. With Maester Protocol, information seekers will be able to search for Skilled professionals, talk to them instantly and pay automatically based on their consultation time at virtually zero cost.

Maester Protocol translates into many efficiency gains for information seekers and professionals, because of which, people will start shifting to this model of on-demand digital consulting over traditional consulting. The team anticipates that Maester Protocol will disrupt the professional consulting industry and drive it towards unprecedented growth. With Maester Protocol, the consulting industry is expected to reach a valuation of $370 Billion in the next five years!

In our next posts, we shall look into the problems with the existing model of digital consulting? Stay tuned!

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