Maester protocol – for hassle free Digital Consulting

What’s it about?

A maester?A master? Well, they seem quite similar, so are their meanings, maester is a term borrowed from the popular television series-Game of thrones, where the maesters are an order of highly learned scholars in the seven kingdoms . To put in the context of this platform ,a maester is a professional consultant who can provide consulting services globally and get paid in the digital currency, Maester Coin.

Key issues of existing digital consulting model:

  • Accessibility: Generally, digital consulting can be quite time consuming due to complexities in the process of searching the professional on existing professional or social platforms like Linkedin and then calling them through other platforms like Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Flexibility: Professionals do not get flexible timings to choose from as they are tied up with consulting companies for a fixed volume of work per year. Consulting companies act as middlemen and take huge commissions from corporates. On the other hand, regular people cannot afford consulting companies and they do not have any platform to access professionals on-demand, whenever they want, for ordinary day-to-day requirements like cooking or travel tips, doctors or lawyers consultations, fitness or spiritual trainer, career or lifestyle counselling etc.
  • Payments: Issues arise in payments due to limitation of different currencies in case of cross border payments and high transactional fees applied by banks and third party payment apps. Also, the time taken for the transaction is very long.
  • Dispute Handling: Lack of proper protocol to ensure dispute free communication and payment settlement.
  • Frauds: By sharing payment credentials to receive the consulting, Maesters effectively expose their confidential information to unknown people, which can result in identity theft and fraud.

How Maester Protocol resolves these issues:

Maester protocol is a first of its kind On-demand consulting protocol which lets professionals showcase their work on a platform, build their professional reputation, allows them to schedule their call receiving time slots and per minute rates as per their convenience without having to worry about payments and any fraud. It also gives knowledge seekers a unique platform to Search professionals based on skill set related keywords, Call them basis their availability and Pay automatically from their Maester coin wallet, making the digital consulting process absolutely delightful and cost-effective.

The master protocol uses an algorithm to to generate a PRM (professional reputation management) score for all users by creating predictive model using logistic regression technique. Users can choose between Maesters having the desired skill set by comparing their credibility with the help of PRM score and their rating/reviews given by previous users.

Maester Protocol is a work protection enabled platform, where downloading button for the assignments is enabled only when the maester receives the payment from the peer accessing the document.

For an effortless digital consulting experience, Maester protocol should surely be your first choice!

Read our Lite Paper to know in detail about our protocol here.

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