Use cases of our On-Demand Consulting Protocol

After having disrupted industries like food delivery and ride hailing, the on-demand economy is all set to introduce itself to the consultancy space with Maester Protocol’s blockchain based on-demand consulting protocol. In our previous article, we have discussed about how ‘Maester coins’ will serve as transactional tokens within the Maester Protocol eco-system. In this article, we shall throw light on some practical use cases, which explain how our blockchain based offering will be useful to every individual throughout the world across all industries.

Searching for relevant consultants on an immediate basis is still a prevalent issue in today’s scenario. There seems to be a gap which hinders proper communication at various levels of our society.

Our vision at Maester Protocol is aligned with the psychology of a commoner who wishes to utilize the skills of a professional (eg. a doctor, a teacher etc.) and depend on them for relevant solutions, but our objective is to optimize the medium of communication by increasing accessibility and enable efficient knowledge sharing. Let us look at few use cases, which better explain the premise of our project.

Telemedicine: Patients still find it difficult to get hold of doctors in case of emergencies. Maester Protocol allows people to immediately consult relevant doctors, discuss about their issues over a video call, and take necessary action. This can save precious time and even prove to be life saving, especially for patients in remote areas.

E-learning: Maester Protocol enables anyone to get in touch with subject matter experts and gain knowledge. Maester Protocol’s search algorithm allows you to search for experts by entering name, subject, or even a specific question.

Architect: If you are planning to build your home/office and would like to consult an architect then Maester Protocol shall allow you to connect with professionals anywhere in the world without the need to be physically present at your architect’s office. You can now connect with renowned architect’s all over the world through Maester Protocol and plan the most suitable layout for your home/office.

Unemployment, and underpaid skill utilization are genuine problems in today’s corporate scenario. One of our objectives is to provide a platform, where skilled individuals with any expertise in any field can showcase their talent, reach out to the masses, share their knowledge and earn a living out of it. Maester Protocol’s solution can be applied to the following cases and more:

Startup consultants: Individuals with startup related expertise can list themselves on the Maester Protocol platform and provide consultancy services to entrepreneurs and startup ventures on-demand, through calls or video conferences.

Interior designing: Skilled interior designers have the opportunity to guide people throughout the world who are looking to decorate their houses, over a simple video call.

Cook: If cooking is your passion and you are looking to share your expertise and teach recipes to enthusiasts all over the world, then Maester Protocol is your one stop solution. Engage in a high quality video call over our platform and get in touch with thousands of people across the globe. As easy as it gets!

Professionals receive their consultation fees instantly at the end of the call in their Maester coin wallet. Callers can rate their experience and write reviews which will help other users take an informed decision before engaging with a professional. Ratings and reviews help professionals establish their credibility, improve their reputation score and list higher on relevant searches.

As mentioned in our previous article, Maester coins will be the only mode of transacting on the protocol. The relatability of our offerings with the above mentioned use cases suggests that there will be high circulation of Maester coins on the platform since its demand is directly related to the gross value of consultation fee generated on the platform. The limited supply of coins, clubbed with the token’s immense utility within the platform will increase its demand gradually, eventually resulting in increased value of the token.

Inching to the pre sale and subsequently the crowd sale, we would be glad to offer you our tokens, so that you can transact freely on our platform and enjoy its increased value in future.

Read our whitepaper to know about numerous other use cases where our blockchain based solution is effectively applicable.

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