Why have the existing platforms not been able to solve the issues of digital consulting?

In the last blog,we had discussed the various issues which complicate the processes of digital consulting. What can be inferred from these problems is that there is no platform which has the infrastructure to support all the processes involved in digital consulting, and make it convenient, seamless, cost-effective and less time-consuming.

While there are many social and professional networks which allow professionals to develop their professional profiles and connect with people either to find jobs or clients, there is no platform which supports professionals through an end-to-end process of showcasing their skills, managing their reputation and connecting easily and anonymously with the customer when they get a professional inquiry. Neither of the platforms have tools voice or video communication so the professionals have to use another app/platform to communicate with the customer. Now, the information seeker and the professional have already used two apps. They might have to go to a third app to make and receive payments. The payment app will again charge a hefty transaction fee, which will pinch the pocket of the information seeker. More importantly, the professional won’t start the assignment without an advance payment while the customer will always remain insecure about making a payment without availing the service thus getting stuck in a vicious circle.

Thus, the existing processes of digital consulting are disjointed, time-consuming, expensive and tedious, and there is no platform which solves all of these problems. But, the good news is that Maester Protocol is about to transform the consulting industry with its Blockchain-powered platform and native token, which will allow information seekers and professionals to go through the entire process of professional discovery, audio or video consultation and payment on a single app.

We will be releasing our Litepaper soon where you can find more details about the Maester Protocol and the crowd sale.
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